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We want to make sure our kids are discovering who Jesus is for themselves rather than accepting Him simply because their parents have.  Discipleship is an ongoing process that continues throughout our entire lives.  Beginning in their first years, our babies and toddlers are learning that they are safe and loved and that they can trust those who care for them in Kiokee Kids.  This is the start of the foundation they will use to make a personal decision to follow Christ in the years to come.  As kids move into their preschool and elementary years they build on that foundation.  Our Sunday morning discipleship classes meet at 9:45 and focus on building each child's knowledge of the Bible in a setting that is designed specifically for their level of understanding.


Safe Environment

Each of the teachers working with your child has completed a background check and participated in safety and security training.  Our classrooms are designed with your child in mind, having age appropriate seating, toys, and more.  We want you to feel comfortable knowing your child will be loved during their time at Kiokee Kids.


Biblical Instruction

We believe that the Word of God should be at the center of everything we do.  While we do utilize various curriculum providers, which we have carefully selected based upon their content, the Bible will be our primary focus of instruction.  We want kids to know that the Bible is the Word of God and it is relevant to their life as much today as the day it was written.


Lasting Relationships

Studies show that one of the primary reasons children remain connected to the church once they become adults is the presence of adult role models within the church.  We want you and your child to feel connected.  Small group discipleship classes are one of the best ways for your family to connect at Kiokee.  

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